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Unique Bootcamp Ideas (Dual of Roses)

new bootcamp ideas

Here’s a cracker to add to your collection of bootcamp ideas. I call it, Dual of Roses. It’s taken from the Workout Design Club. (Don’t worry if you’re already a member of the WDC, this one’s new) For those that don’t know, the WDC is fast becoming the largest collection of (continuously updated) unique bootcamp […] Read more…

Do Monkeys Have Thumbs?


I’ll get on to the monkeys in just a sec…. After I tell you how it even came up in the first place! You see, I’m taking antibiotics at the moment. I’m dead agaist putting stuff like that in to my body. But sometimes under the right circumstances it’s a must. (Dental implants! ARGH!) Anyway…… […] Read more…

Outdoor Bootcamp Ideas (Mark of the beast workout)

outdoor bootcamp ideas

Coming up with fresh outdoor bootcamp ideas week in week out can be time consuming. Don’t you think? We did a survey over in our Unique Bootcamp Workouts FB community a while back. The stats where staggering. Trainers reported they where spending on average up to 30 hours per month searching the net for outdoor […] Read more…

2 (Little known) Innovative bootcamp Ideas


              Yesterday (fathers day) I took Jack out for a full English. Nice place down the road called bar Atilla. (Owned by a British couple) The chef does a full English like nobody else. (Black pudding included) Anyway! The waitress came over and took our order, then left her […] Read more…

The Best Bootcamp Workouts Resource Ever

free bootcamp workouts

            Before I show you around my brand new bootcamp workouts resource, let me tell you a story. Last week we celebrated a friends b’day with a beach party. What a day to spend a birthday… On a beach, in the sun. Maybe a little dip in the sea here […] Read more…

Emergency workout drills to revive a dead session

New bootcamp challenges

                          Have you ever written a workout that in theory seems flawless. But then, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t work? Which is fine. If you spot the warning signs. Here’s my 5 point check list so you can spot them early on and turn […] Read more…

Dynamo Sprint King

bootcamp workouts sprint

Today I went trekking up through the mountains with my 5k dumbbells. (One in each hand) It’s about a 2 hour round trip from our house. If you love amazing views and a good workout then you’d love it. There’s an old farmer that I often see taking his bulls out for a stroll. They’re […] Read more…

How to beat ‘cut price’ bootcamps…..

How to grow your bootcamp business

How to beat ‘cut price’ bootcamps….. UBW subscriber Simon contacted us about an issue he’s having in his town….. Recently, a low-cost bootcamp has opened up, in direct ‘competition’ with him (i.e. on the same park). The ‘competition’ are offering 20 bootcamp classes for under £20! (That’s about $29!)….. HOW can you, as an independent […] Read more…

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