Fun Partner Exercises

Every now and then I dedicate a whole weeks worth of training to fun partner exercises. They are a great way to get the team interacting and having fun, also it’s a neat way for players in the group to forge friendships. What did you think about the crazy exercises in the video, a bit extreme I know!!

The beauty of the following boot camp game lies within the ability for players to express themselves and have fun doing it. This can be a really fast paced bootcamp routine so be sure to inject lots of motivation and encouragement throughout.

Fitness Challenge Ideas

The sole purpose of the game is to tire your partner out as much as possible, sounds simple right, Give it a go. At the end of each turn, before swapping, Players must rate themselves on a scale of 1-10 as to how worn out they feel after following their partners movements.

The player with the highest exhaustion level at the end of the game will lose. Obviously this all based on integrity. Give this fun and exciting boot camp game a go, it’s guaranteed to spice up your bootcamp routines and get your campers interacting like never before.

Title: Mirror Image (partner exercise)

Equipment: none

Time: 1 minute 30 seconds each way

Players: 2-25

Aim: To mimic you partners movements as quickly as possible


Players start by facing one other with a 3 metre gap in between. Player one must copy player twos movements as quickly as possible. The key is to make it as hard as possible for the other player that is copying. Players should be encouraged to mimic the movements as quickly as possible. Players must be facing at all times and should be fixed to one general spot without moving about to much.


  • Players are encouraged to use a wide variety of circuit training exercises.
  • The instructor should give a quick demonstration to give players ideas about what exercises to perform.
  • Each round should last for 1 minute.
  • Players of similar ability should be paired up
  • Alternate fun partners exercises with several games

Game Variation

  1. Players can only use the following movements.
    1. Right shuffle touch floor
    2. Left shuffle touch floor
    3. Tuck jump in the air
    4. Touch the floor

Players can only use these 4 movements during the game.

Fun Partner Exercises Back To Back

Write out your fun partner exercises and see if you can go the whole session blasting them out one after another. Just make sure get players to switch partners after each exercise. A top tip to really get your campers going is the following. Players must record all repetitions that have been completed per partner exercise.

At the end of the session, the instructor must tally up all repetitions, each rep is worth one point. Now here’s the thing, post the results on facebook (if you have a business page) and encourage your campers to share and comment. Not only will it go viral and everybody see it but you campers are going to be left buzzing from the session.

For more amazing partner challenges (not exercises), and fun fitness challenge ideas, please check out the link below. I have got something amazing resources that you and your clients will love.

Fitness Challenge Ideas

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